LG G Watch R to have a circular design


Ahead of its IFA 2014 launch, LG launches a teaser of its G Watch R.

Motorola will not be the only one launching a round-faced smartwatch at the IFA in Berlin next week. LG has launched a teaser on YouTube showing off its latest G Watch R with a circular design. The 30-second teaser shows glimpses of the features that the smartwatch will offer.

LG G Watch R

While LG has not released any official details about the smartwatch, the official launch will be at the IFA in Berlin. The video gives users a sneak peak of the features like a distance meter, a compass and a digital step counter. The video focusses mainly on its perfect circular design which is similar to the Moto 360.

The G Watch R is a successor to the original G Watch that was launched in March 2014. Like all the other smartwatches, the G Watch R is also going to be powered by Google’s Android Wear.

LG has timed the launch in a way that the G Watch R is out within hours of Motorola launching their Moto 360 – taking away all the hype that Motorola had created in the last few months.

Along with having a round dial, the LG G Watch R will have a button on the side.

LG’s G Watch R is not the only smartwatch being launched at the IFA – ASUS will also be coming out with a smartwatch of their own, along with Motorola’s Moto 360.

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