Amazon announces price cut on Kindle DX


Online shopping giant Amazon has slashed the prices of its 9.7 inch Kindle DX by a whopping $110 to $269 on August 10, 2012. The new discount has spurred speculations that the company might soon come up with a new large screen Kindle device.

The Kindle DX is the company’s largest e-reader. Though it has a 9.7 inch screen it can hold about 3,500 e-books and also has Amazon’s built-in free 3G service and also has the black and white e-ink screen.

When the DX was introduced in the year 2009, it had then cost as much as an iPad, and its screen had also become a topic of criticism. The recent announcement has raised a question if the company is preparing to launch a 10 inch device in near future.

The rumours of a new Kindle device has been making the rounds for several months which includes that the new device will come with a larger screen to compete with the iPad. Unfortunately the DX for most of its span has been largely ignored and the company is now making efforts to clear its stock before the debut of the new device. Recent reports indicate that the new Kindle might come out in the month of September.