Galaxy Note 4 likely to have touch ID fingerprint sensors


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be a gizmo of the future with its touch ID fingerprint sensors.

South Korean electronics gaint Samsung is all set to unveil its Galaxy Note 4 in September, 2014. Sources said that the device is expected to have the touch ID fingerprint sensors.

One of the industry observers on the condition of anonymity said, “Samsung Electronics is considering fingerprint sensors on its Galaxy Note 4 that may be area-type sensors instead of Galaxy S5’s swipe-type sensors”. Apple Inc had first unveiled the area-type touch ID Finger sensors on its iPhone 5s in 2013 after it acquired Authen Tec in 2012.

In 2014, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy S5 and Samsung Z which came with Synaptics swipe-type scanners. Kim Jae-sung, the in charge of the biometric standardization at Korea Internet and Security Agency said that the area-type sensors are more convenient to use when compared to the swipe sensors as the users have to hold the fingertip in place over the sensor area.

There were speculations in 2013 that the Galaxy Note 3 will adopt the fingerprint sensor technology, but it could not do so due to technical reasons.

Since Samsung succeeded in adopting the technology for the Galaxy S5, the upcoming phones have a higher chance of adopting it till the new security technologies are developed.

Photo Credits: Techradar