Lenovo unveils light weight and powerful Biz Ultrabook


Computer manufacturing giant Lenovo has announced its slim ThinkPad X1 Carbon. The new Lenovo ThinkPad is slim and comes packed with third generation Intel processors and speedy solid state drivers.

The four new ThinkPad configurations assure brisk performance and industrial grade reliability. The new device is lighter and thinner with third generation Intel processing which provides plenty of power for on –the-go productivity. Moreover the Carbon fiber construction has dropped the weight of the device by 3 pounds. The ThinkPad is equipped with a 14 inch high resolution display and Lenovo’s Precision keyboard and gives a feel of a premium business laptop with a 720p webcam video conferencing.

The update to the 2011 ThinkPad X1 has sharper edges and is best for the business people who have more work while on the go. Talking about the keyboard, the individuals keys which are also known as the chicklet keys have a slight convex curve at the bottom which makes it easier to type and the mistakes are less frequent.

The touchpad is bit different than the regular Lenovo style and instead of the mouse buttons below, it is a one piece click pad with a glass surface which is similar to what is seen in MacBook and Dell XPS.