Google testing Wallet app for Glass


Users of Google Glass will soon be able to send money by just saying ‘Ok Glass, send money’. The Wallet app is not available for Google Glass for now, but sources close to the development have indicated that the app is currently being tested and should be available soon.

With the help of Google Glass, you could be sending money to your friends and relatives in just a couple of moments. It is very easy, as only a few gestures and commands are needed in order to complete the procedure. One of the reports said that the search engine giant is planning to launch Google Wallet on Google Glass.

At present, it is at an internal testing mode and mobile payments can be done in the Wallet app itself by just saying ‘send money’. Users need to activate the Glass with the same account that is being used for their Wallet transactions. The search engine will be charging 2.9 percent fee for the payments. Google has been working on Wallet for a couple of years and it represents the easiest way to make payments when it comes to the Android platform.

The Glass is all set to debut later in 2014 and Google is already selling it in retail capacity.

Photo Credits: Readwrite and Andriod Central