Raspberry Pi to create smartphone costing $90


Single board computer Raspberry Pi is day by day becoming an adaptable piece of kit. A video from Linux engineer David Hunt has shown how the credit card sized computer can be used to create a £90 smartphone.

The PiPhone was created with the help of various off-the shelf parts which includes a 320 X 420 touchscreen with SIM 9000 module which provides the actual cellular capacity. Hunt in a breakdown on his website said, “As you can see from the cost of the components, you’d be FAR better off going into your local phone store and picking up a normal smartphone”.

Hunt added that the handset is more of the proof of the concept than anything else but the device has proved the power of the Pi and how high quality technology is available to near about anyone in the 21st century. The new PiPhone looks cute and adorable given its colourful components which give it a feel of a plastic phone in the hands of a toddler.

Some of the notable uses by the Raspberry Pi enthusiasts include sending a teddy hbear in to the stratosphere to create a record breaking skydive. In 2013, a simple computer was appreciated by the Nominet Trust for inspiring a social change.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends