Hatchi game to be launched for Pebble smartwatch


The latest game Hatchi is soon expected to be introduced for a smartwatch. It is a virtual pet game similar to Tamagotchi – that was very popular back in the 90’s – in which a pet dies if it was not fed or taken care of in days.


Hatchi is developed by Portable Pixels and the studio is most likely expecting some kind of a Tamagotchi effect as it is preparing to bring back the feeling of the 90’s game. The game will be launched on the Pebble app store during the week and the company is expecting it to be a free experience. Players have to look after their pets when it comes to feeding, caring, cleaning and playing with them.

However, it is still not clear what will happen if players fail to abide by the simple rules. There is a possibility that the pet might just die if it did not receive proper care. Apart from Hatchi, Pebble smartwatch will have two additional titles, Mr. Runner from Zing Games and Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium.

The games are very basic and players must not sink the battery. Gamers who are expecting something very deep and exciting, might face disappointment.

Photo Credits: IB Times