Barnes and Noble introduces Nook GlowLight e-reader


The global tablet market is growing on a daily basis as an increased number of companies are unveiling their products and Barnes and Noble seems to be the next in line. The book retailer has on October 30, 2013 introduced its Nook GlowLight e-reader.


The newest product by the company has been launched just weeks after online shopping giant Amazon revealed its latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. The fact remains that products launched by Amazon and Barnes and Noble are widely accepted by all, compared to tablets released by other companies, except Apple, which dominates the global market.

The products are being launched on a regular basis and customers are still buying them at large. The reason behind the acceptance is that the two companies – Barnes and Noble and Amazon – are committed to the segment and also introduce innovative products every time. The new e-reader by Barnes and Noble has an updated 6-inch E-Ink display with 62% more pixels on the screen when compared to the earlier Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light. This helps to improve the clarity of text, as well as contrast.

The latest device has a storage space of 4 GB for the $119 model and can accommodate about 2,000 books. Meanwhile, Barnes and Noble is also trying to introduce retail experience to its Nook devices.

Photo Credits: Mashable