Tablet usage in Britain to increase by 2017


The tablet usage is growing every day and recent reports state that the usage of tablets in the UK is continuing to grow, as 20 million individuals are predicted to use a device in the country in 2013.


The latest number includes those users who own a tablet, as well as those who share one. The new report from the research firm eMarketer shows that by 2017, 34.8 Britons will be using a tablet at least once a month, which will turn tablets into a ‘mass-market device’. The research firm also said that the usage of tablets is expected to increase further, as more and more companies are trying their best to introduce cheaper models in the market, such as Amazon Kindle Fire and the newly-launched Hudl from Tesco.

In addition to that, the Christmas season is approaching and new devices are expected to be released then. It is also predicted that the sales of mobile devices – including tablets – will be higher than those of PCs in the fourth quarter of 2013.

However, experts have said that the total PC sales will still be higher than those of mobile devices, when the figures are compared throughout the entire year. The market might be filled with cheaper devices, but despite that, Apple remains at the top when it comes to tablets.

Photo Credits: Observer