Facebook to provide social media feedback to TV networks


Social networking giant Facebook announced that it will begin sending reports to the four biggest TV networks in the US every week. Facebook’s weekly report will provide an insight on how much response their shows are getting on the social network.


With the latest announcement, Facebook is presenting a new challenge to Twitter, in their never-ending battle to rule online conversation around television. The report sent by Facebook will contain data on how many likes, comments or shares a particular TV episode received on the social network, as well as how many members have taken part in an action. The social network will not make these reports available to the public, but it will send the data reports to ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS, as well as a limited number of chosen clients.

In recent times, it has been noticed that both Twitter and Facebook have tried their best to boost their co-operations with TV networks and highlight data reports on user activities during live and TV events. Meanwhile, Twitter is preparing for its first public offering and is reportedly scheduled to start distributing the ‘Nielsen Twitter TV Rating’.

Twitter’s rating will be the first measurement report which is in partnership with media measurement giant Nielsen. The report will present how many people have taken part in a conversation about a particular show and how many people have seen the tweets.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends