Android phones to have antivirus software installed by Samsung?


South Korean giant Samsung Electronic is expected to announce on September 4, 2013 that it will install security software from Lookout Inc. on all new phones which run on Android software from Google. In reality, this has become an essential move, as most phones these days have become a lot more like always-online computers.


Due to this, phones have become more vulnerable to viruses. Moreover, such phones became a prey for various hackers who have found ways to steal corporate data from mobile devices and Eastern European organized-crime rings scam users by charging them for premium text messages.

In theory, antivirus, as well as other security software can prevent people from downloading malicious apps or visiting dangerous pages. The move by the South Korean company is made not to protect average consumers, but business users who bring their personal phone to work. Recently, a new feature was introduced which was meant to wall off sensitive business data from the rest of the phone.

So far, Samsung has not mentioned why Android phones need extra security, but this appears to be a work is in progress and an official announcement might be released soon.

Photo Credits: Android central