Founders of YouTube launch new video sharing app MixBit


Makers of the popular video sharing site YouTube have launched a new application, which allows users to edit and combine their clips with those of other people in order to create full length videos. It seems like the makers of the latest app are all set to take on Instagram and Vine.

mix bit

The new application is known as MixBit and the free app made its debut on Thursday, August 8, 2013 for iOS users through Apple’s App store. Reports have said that an Android version of the application will be available in the upcoming weeks. MixBit enhances the social aspect of shooting short video clips by allowing users to stitch together videos from other users to create lengthy productions.

The description of the app mentions that users can edit, record and publish videos as short as one second, or as long as an hour, all from their mobile devices. Every individual clip users shoot can be as long as 16 seconds, while Instagram allows up to 15 seconds and Vine restricts users to 6 seconds.

Users can also edit their video by moving or deleting every clip from the device. After the masterpiece is finished, it can be saved or published to the MixBit website.

Photo Credits: NY Times