Scientists develop mobile phone charging through pair of shorts


The latest invention by scientists includes a pair of shorts capable of charging your mobile phone even while you are taking a walk. The shorts are designed in a way to use energy generated by an average person while they are in motion to power up the battery for four hours. Along with the shorts, the scientists have also developed a sleeping bag which charges the phone while you are asleep.


The Power Shorts are made out of fabric which turns walking into electric power. Reports said that the gaps in the clothes are squashed together during a normal movement and then the energy is created. The scientists have teamed up with Vodafone to develop the technology and this weekend, the festival goers at the Isle of Wright Festival in the UK will become one of the first to benefit from this invention.

A spokesperson from the company said that the shorts will help to transform the way mobile phones are being charged. On the other hand, the Recharge Bag functions in a similar way to the shorts, but instead of movement it will work on the heat of the body into battery life for the mobile.