Microsoft unveils Xbox One


After a long wait, software giant Microsoft has finally unveiled its Xbox One. After being on the shelves for eight years, the Xbox 360 finally got a successor on May 22, 2013. The newest device has come out late, as three other major companies revealed their devices already.


Sony launched its PlayStation 4, which will be out during this holiday season and Nintendo will release its Wii U later in 2013. Microsoft is planning to release the new Xbox One before the end of 2013 and is positive about new features that are included in the device.

The features will include Skype connectivity, TV integration and new ways of controlling the system with user’s voice and body. Don Mattrick, at the Xbox event in Redmond, Washington said, “We have an ambitious vision to become the all-in-one system for every living room”. Matrick also highlighted that the new Xbox is not just a gaming system, but is the ultimate all-in-one entertainment system. The device will have a new set of hardware specifications and is powered by an eight-core processor, 8 GB of memory, 500 GB hard drive and a Blue-ray player, with everything designed in a sleek black box.