HTC One to be offered without a charger


Internet service provider O2 will be the first company to offer the HTC One handset without a charger. The phone has become the first in the O2 range to get rid of chargers.

The new move has been taken on the assumption that these days most of people already have a charger, which will serve the required purpose. This is also a part of O2’s ‘Chargers out of the Box’ environmental initiative, which aims to cut the number of unnecessary chargers which are sold with the phones.

The company intends to cut chargers completely out of their sales by the year 2015. The One phone will be offered with a USB-to-micro USB cable and will not just have the wall plug. This means that the phone can be charged by plugging it into any chargers that exist from other phones, ebooks and other similar devices.

The plan is justified by the company’s recent trial run, in which 82 percent of the customers buying an HTC phone in the past six months, opted not to bother about a charger when given a choice. Not adding a charger in the box will also work out well for the company, as they would save on manufacturing costs. However, first-time buyers may not like the fact that a wall charger is not present in the box.