Wii Mini to be launched in the UK


The upcoming Wii Mini console by Nintendo is all set to hit the UK market. The latest gadget by Nintendo might not be termed as a next generation console, but it can be picked up from stores from March 22, 2013 onward.

The latest Mini has a red Wii remote and a red Nunchuk controller, but one must also be able to use the most exciting Wii accessories with the console. Last December, the company had launched a slightly smaller version of the console and called it the Wii Mini. The small version of the Nintendo system did not have online functionality, nor GameCube compatibility.

Moreover, it was only available in Canada. However, from next month onward, gamers in the UK will be able to get their hands on the new gadget by Nintendo. In order to celebrate its expansion, the company has added many first party titles to its value-priced Nintendo Selects line-up, including Wii ports Resort, Mario Party, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario.

The games are set to be available with the new pricing, with the launch of Wii Mini. This will make it easier for users who have never picked up a Wii, so that they can catch up with the console’s library.