Canonical pushes for Ubuntu on hand-held devices


Ubuntu has always been one of the easier Linux distributions to work on. Now Canonical have spoken of a tablet version of the operating system that could be launched in 2014, according to media reports. The ‘Unity’ was Canonical’s version of a tablet OS, based on Ubuntu. What will be interesting to see now, is whether app developers decide to go with the new OS and build applications for it.

There is some talk in media circles of Canonical trying to facilitate the porting of BlackBerry and Android apps to the Ubuntu platform. The Linux platform is not as popular as Android and iOS in terms of hand-held devices. There is an opportunity for developers to cash in on this platform, considering its versatility.

Mark Shuttleworth, who is the CEO of Canonical, told reporters on February 19, 2013, that the company has made it easier for app developers to use a Java interpreter to port apps to Ubuntu. Shuttleworth went on to say, “We’re not going to try to make it happen by default, because we want applications by people who consciously choose to target Ubuntu, but we make it really easy to do”.

The main goal behind Canonical’s work plan is to allow users a uniform Ubuntu experience across all forms of technology such as phones, tablets and televisions. Thus creating a unified Ubuntu environment for daily life.