Apple all set to compete with Google


As speculated earlier, computer giant Apple is all set to introduce its own mapping service which will be similar to that of the already existing Google Maps. The new service is expected to replace Google’s service, which can be a problem for the search engine giant.

Reports say that the company has already invested a huge amount of sum in to the mapping technology over the years and about half of the map traffic comes from the iPhones and iPads. The traffic from the devices reveal valuable location data that helps in improving the service itself and also provides features like real time traffic reports.

Moreover, Google charges Apple for having the Maps loaded in to Apple hardware. So the fffigures say that the apple devices like the iPhone that use the products like the Maps as well as Google Search in its Safari Browser, generate more than four times revenue for Google as its own handsets in the same period.

At the same time even Google is trying to keep up by introducing new changes in the service. Google has also began to charge the developers for API access to Google Maps data which till now has been free for all the customers like Apple.